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Core Values


CrossFitter’s Love using acronyms and we at CrossFit Hastings are no different; In fact, we use an acronym that defines the four pillars of our core values. We refer to it as “GRIP”

GRIP is the foundation on which CrossFit Hastings was built. Without first knowing and then applying these core values, CrossFit Hastings would not be the place we have all come to know and love. Our decisions are based on these values and they play a big part in what we do every day. We apply them in our daily lives: in our homes, in our workouts, in our coaching ……in everything we do!

So what does GRIP stand for?


Let me try and break it down as briefly as I can so you can better understand each of these values


When we refer to growth we are not just meaning Physical growth, we are also referring to emotional growth and having a “growth mindset” by embracing a problem as an opportunity to learn and believing that new abilities can be gained through practice.  Rather than having a “closed mindset” that often leads to avoiding a situation through fear of failing and at times subconsciously sabotaging ourselves. Having a closed mindset is believing that intelligence and talent are a fixed quality. we believe the opposite is true we believe our brains are malleable learning machines.

When we go outside of our comfort zones and push the boundaries, it’s in that space where real growth can occur, we learn and grow physically, emotionally, and there it can even improve our well-being.

Growth isn’t always just about adding knowledge and skills either; At times we need to un-learn bad habits too! It may be physical, like poor movement patterns (Poor Technique) or it could more of our mindset that we need to work on, Such as negative self-talk. both take dedication and practice


For some time, “community” was considered over “relationship”, However, we chose “relationship” as we felt it better covered the relationship we have with ourselves and not just simply the relationships we form within our community. I am referring to that negative self-talk. With years and years of conditioning, our core belief system can be holding us back. Our belief systems are influenced by our parents, siblings, teachers, partners, friends and peers. Like an onion, we want to peel any negative thoughts back to understand who we are and what kind of relationship we want to have with ourselves and others.

It takes a lot of work and reflection to undo our neural pathways as sometimes negative and destructive behaviour we have embedded as a young child. 

Quote – “You can’t give away what you don’t have,” meaning that if you can’t be more tolerant, accepting, and loving of yourself, you can’t possibly be more tolerant, accepting, and loving of others. So we need to look within before we can look externally for relationships.


By having goals and setting a plan to reach those goals and then applying them to our daily life. To have the discipline and consistency of our actions that are in line with those plans. And to continue applying your plan even after motivation has faded or when it would be easier to take another path or even because no one is looking is “integrity”


“Purpose” is the reason behind the “why”you do what you do. By finding your why will give you purpose and the purpose of life is a life of purpose! Longevity is attributed to having a purpose in life. as much as, and possibly more so, than diet and exercise! when you are living in your purpose you will find yourself in a constant state of flow and can give you a feeling of focused energy, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Although gratitude is grouped under the purpose category, I feel that it could almost, and perhaps should be, the fifth pillar that defines our core values. By practising gratitude and being in that positive state of mind can give you clarity of what your why is and therefore find your purpose.

Simply by changing the way you look at things, the things you look at changes. A good practice to get into when you feel you HAVE to do something is to Rephrase it by telling yourself you are fortunate enough to be ABLE to do it. Also by writing down every night three that you are grateful for that day or even what you are most looking forward to the following day can also help.

In that space of Gratitude will help you find your Purpose and your Growth , Relationships and integrity will flourish.

Below are some other words that help to define our values.

Growth – Humility, Education, Learning and Un-learning, Evolving, Knowledge, Physical skills and Ego

Relationships – Community, Family, Village, Acceptance, Tolerance, Empathy, Love and Belonging

Integrity – Principles, Discipline, Honesty, Virtue, Ethics, Morals, Actions and Values

Purpose – Know your Why, Goal, Mission, Flow, Presence, Gratitude, Motivation and Fulfilment

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