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Why We Train with sandbags

After we used the sandbags in Thursday’s workout (our last before lockdown), It reminded me how challenging but fun they are! So on Sunday, I grabbed them out and again and did another workout with them. There is something greatly satisfying throwing around a heavy,

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Core Values

CROSSFIT HASTINGS CORE VALUES CrossFitter’s Love using acronyms and we at CrossFit Hastings are no different; In fact, we use an acronym that defines the four pillars of our core values. We refer to it as “GRIP” GRIP is the foundation on which CrossFit Hastings

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Why Do We Have No Sweat Intros?

No sweat intros are relaxed, supportive introductions to all things CrossFit in a one-on-one environment.  We go through the methodology behind CrossFit and help you understand our core values as well as share our numerous success stories proven in our own box as well as

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