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CrossFit Hastings 20 Years in the Making

My then business partner and I sold our manufacturing business to one of our major competitors. As part of the condition of sale, I was to stay on as a shareholder to ensure the business continued. True to my word, I spent longer than expected and continued there for the next 10 years. Although I tried my best, my heart was never really in it. My heart belonged elsewhere; I had a bigger passion.

A few years prior to the sale of our business I had already embarked on my health journey. It was a journey of self-discovery. I lived, ate, and breathed as much as I could relating to health and wellness. I studied nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality, wellness coaching and completed my Cert 3 and 4 in personal training. I set up a personal training studio and became a personal trainer, all the while I continued to work.


One paid the bills the other gave me a sense of purpose.



I first learned of CrossFit through my wife Cath. She had her own PT (Me training her was never a good idea) and her PT started to incorporate CrossFit style training into her workouts, Cath would come home and tell me all about these WOD’s. Her trainer being a traditional bodybuilding trainer who was now incorporating this style of training sparked my curiosity. So, I went about learning all I could about CrossFit, and it was in that search that I came across an article titled “What Is CrossFit” written by Greg Glassman it was that article that really resonated with me. I later joined a local CrossFit gym that had recently opened in my area, from there I was hooked. I completed my level one and became a CrossFit coach. This continued for years while still working full time. I never had the courage to leave the security my job gave me.

We were going to be Grandparents

Our daughter Jodie and Son in law James were expecting their first child and we couldn’t have been more excited. This opened a set of circumstances that led me to finally taking the leap and open our own CrossFit Box. Jodie herself had followed me into the fitness industry and at the time she fell pregnant, was managing not one but two Fernwood gyms. She was embarking on a very successful career herself. Finances meant Jodie would always have to go back to work after having the baby. This meant she would have to place our grandchild in day-care,

something I never wanted

This got me to thinking that if I were to take the plunge and set up our own CrossFit Box, Jodie could help me manage it while I continued to work. The best part of the plan was it would give Jodie the flexibility in her days to not have to put our Granddaughter in day care! A great outcome for our whole family, so that’s what we did.



I would like to say when I chose the location it was based on solid research, but really it wasn’t, it really happened on gut feel and chance.
First, we need to go back a few years…
Some time ago I had set up a self-managed superfund where I planned to purchase a factory from the fund. All these decisions were based on me always having in the back of my mind that if the opportunity did arise, I would be ready to go to open our own CrossFit Box. (Always planning but never committing)
The First location I was looking at was around the Patterson Lakes area – (This bit I did research) I based my decision off other CrossFit gyms in the surrounding area, the demographics in that area and it’s proximity to where I lived and worked, It all seemed to be a good fit. I searched and found a factory within those parameters; it was exactly what I was looking for and it was within my budget and location.
But It just didn’t feel right
I recall a discussion I had with my then accountant on possible locations and he suggested at the time to look around the Westernport area. His reasoning was based on the planned port opening at the time which meant business would be looking for warehousing there.
Once I explored Westernport It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the area. It took me back to a place and time that felt comfortable and safe. I felt like I had come home. I knew this was where I wanted to be. So, based on that gut feel I bought a factory. A factory that a couple of years after purchasing it, became what is now known as the home of CrossFit Hastings.
The best decision I ever made!
So, in 2016 some 15 years after selling my business and 20 years on from me first starting on my wellness journey, we opened our doors for the very first time. 12 months later I finally quit my job and have not looked back since!
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